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(Update) Neighbors child has disabilities and won't stop climbing the fence, entering my house and "freeing" my dogs

2019-04-25, 16:29:45

Original post:

I'm sad about this update for the kid, I took the majority of the given advice and called the police non-emergency number and asked for an officer to come out because I had questions about an issue I'm having and briefly explained it.

Officer shows up, I invite him in and explain the whole situation. He isn't really sure what to do about it right now so he asked for a supervisor come to his position. Supervisor shows up and I go over the whole thing again, we go upstairs to my computer where I have all the videos clipped and saved (9 times of her entering the backyard and 4 of her entering the house through the garage).

We watched each one and he gets on his cellphone and goes back to his car. A few minutes later he comes back with 3 flash drives and asks me to copy the videos over to the drive and had me fill out a piece of paper stating what I put on the drive and then signed it, I repeated it all 3 times.

About 45 minutes later after we have been talking and he's been on and off his cellphone the entire time, 2 CPS workers show up and review the videos again and take a complete statement from me going back to the first time it happened. This took about two hours because they wanted it to be precise and as accurate as I remember it and left out anything I wasn't 100% sure on.

The officers and CPS workers head next door to talk to the parents, parents apparently shut the door in their faces and said they didn't want to talk but because of my statement and the videos of her climbing over, getting stuck, having to be carried back over the times I'm at work or gone and just entering the house they had probable cause to enter the home anyways.

After they were inside their house for about 10-15 minutes another cop car shows up followed by another a few minutes later. I'm in my garage so I don't know exactly what happened inside but after more officers showed up the father was put in the back of a car and the daughter was put into the CPS workers van and they left. The father was driven away about 10 minutes after that, then about an hour later the mother is also put into the back of a car and they drive away.

I talked to the initial officer that showed up and asked for a supervisor and he tells me they found drugs (pills not in prescription bottles/not their prescriptions) and that the home was just not being taken care of inside and definitely not a safe environment for a child. Said they found drugs not secured and in areas the child had access to them.

I haven't seen them since the day after the post, I feel bad for the kid being in that situation and me being a neighbor not even knowing and my not wanting to call the cops (I didn't think it was anything like they found, I just figured it is really tough raising a kid and add on top of that severe mental disabilities and it's even tougher). I should have called them earlier once the CPS reports I was doing over the phone didn't ever do anything.

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You know you’re a redneck when...

2019-04-25, 14:59:05

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Moms of Reddit: What do you actually want for Mother's day?

2019-04-25, 06:27:24

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PepsiCo sues 4 Indian farmers for $150,000 each for ‘infringing its rights’ by growing the potato variety used in its Lays chips

2019-04-25, 12:06:01

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Parents are more comfortable with girls partaking in gender-nonconforming behavior than boys and attempt to change their sons’ behaviors more frequently, suggests a new study (n=236).

2019-04-25, 11:34:47

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Congress Should Impeach William Barr

2019-04-25, 15:00:02

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How my day started 4/24/19

2019-04-25, 13:43:59

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The Military Budget Is a Disgrace. The United States is spending $750 billion on its war machine. That money should be going to food, education, health care, and shelter for working people.

2019-04-25, 13:51:27

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A baby tank puppy was born at the Miami Zoo.

2019-04-25, 14:35:43

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Disney heir calls on company to give 50% of exec bonuses to lowest-paid employees

2019-04-25, 01:38:02

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Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers Announced For Nintendo Switch

2019-04-25, 13:07:03

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‘Quirky’ people who dye their hair bright colors and act cringey shouldn’t complain about having social anxiety

2019-04-25, 08:56:00

If you dye your hair bright colors, wear abnormal peices of clothing, act out in socially unacceptable ways, etc, you shouldn’t complain about having social anxiety. We all know the type I’m talking about, those kids in highschool who like wear tails or cat ears and inappropriate anime backpacks and say cringey internet things in real life. These same people are always the ones complaining about having social anxiety. Like, do you really expect to have short, bright purple hair and not get glanced at? I’m all for people doing this confidently, you do you bro. But if you have social anxiety maybe, I don’t know, don’t make yourself stand out in every way possible?

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IRS, FBI Search Home of Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh, Baltimore City Hall

2019-04-25, 11:46:55

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WW II pilot describes what he did to German pilot shooting down allies in parachutes

2019-04-25, 11:41:15

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An 83 year old climate change protester being arrested in London today after he climbed on top of a DLR train.

2019-04-25, 11:22:56

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A couple years back I laid out a tarp and slept under the stars in the Atacama Desert, Chile [3777x4888] [OC]

2019-04-25, 15:06:37

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This is the final boss

2019-04-25, 15:30:46

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We did alright for a couple of avengers

2019-04-25, 16:15:32

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I made Hog's hook double as a fully functional grappling hook

2019-04-25, 16:01:56

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To do a wet hair flip

2019-04-25, 16:08:58

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The members of the War Council get a little distracted before the Battle of Winterfell [GIF]

2019-04-25, 13:21:43

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AITA for telling my husband his friend is no longer welcome at our house?

2019-04-25, 13:22:39

So, my husband has this friend, I’ll call him Alex. Alex is one of those people that would bring a guitar to a house party and strum it nonstop. Alex is also one of those people who insists on stopping games in the middle to start political debates, knowing that the rest of us don’t share his far right views. The rest of our friend group has also mentioned this, and for a while he wasn’t invited to game nights anymore. If you tell him Alex, I want to play the game and not talk about this stuff, he’ll just start talking louder and trying to goad you by saying “You just can’t defend your side so you’re too afraid to talk about it.”

Anyway, one day, my husband had Alex and another friend over, Joe. They were working on a project out in the garage together. I was initially annoyed because he brought his puppy which was dumped on me to take care of. I have a huge dog that isn’t fond of new dogs in the house, but it was around 40°F outside so she couldn’t go out there with them. Luckily I had my best friend over to help, but still. So while we were trying to appease my big dog and get this puppy to go to sleep, they start playing music put in the garage. NBD. When the pup finally goes to sleep, Alex came inside to get something. I told him “Your dog is asleep. Don’t wake her, it’s finally peaceful in here.” And what does he do? Comes over to pet her and mess with her. So I told him to take the puppy back to his truck and turn the heat on because I wasn’t going to spend my night keeping the peace when I wanted to spend it with my friend who doesn’t live anywhere near me.

Anyway, the music outside kept getting louder and louder, until I couldn’t hear the tv inside my living room, sitting less than ten feet away. I walked outside to the garage, and turn their speaker down a bit and said “It’s so loud that we can’t hear the TV”.

Alex responded with “Well turn up your TV then.” I had a moment where I was too shocked to speak. So I unplugged the speaker and took it inside with me, telling him that it’s my house, not his.

Apparently after I left, he started talking about how annoying I was to my husband and that he thought I acted bitchy. My husband told me all of this later that night in bed and I asked what he said to Alex. “Nothing, really” I got angry with my husband, and told him that he should’ve stood up for me. We had a long talk where my husband apologized for staying quiet and worked that out between the two of us.

The next day, I told my husband that Alex was no longer welcome in our home. My husband said he thought that was taking it too far, so I compromised with “Alex is only welcome in our home after you tell him that the way he acted was absolutely out of line, and you make it clear to him that at our house, talks about religion and politics after alcohol comes out are off limits.”


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