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What is the creepiest thing you’ve seen in the woods, or in the mountains, or in deserts, or caves, or in small towns, or in remote or rural areas or while on large bodies of water, or while on a aircraft or a nautical vessel?

2019-06-16, 16:02:44

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TIFU by eating bugs my entire life and having a spider bite the inside of my mouth

2019-06-16, 20:07:18

Okay so you know some people have dark, dark, dark secrets Some people pick their nose, some pick it and eat it, some people eat shit, some people do really strange things. Well I like to eat live bugs. Nobody in my life knows this. I just like the way some of them are soft and taste quite gummy, I like how some are crunchy and almost explode in your mouth when you bite down.

I started eating bugs when I was a kid. I started with ladybugs, I just kept eating them, they secrete some bitter liquid which had a really nice acquired taste. I went from lady bugs to other bugs. woodlice were my second and they were crunchy and easy to find, they also felt nice to eat when they're in their ball state (a bit like cereal). The taste isn't really the thing I like most of the time, it's the texture, how it feels in my mouth. I love to eat them to this day. I went onto other insects as I got older, I started eating spiders. In the UK there are some spiders which come out at certain times of the year which can get BIG (I think it's called the brown spider or wolf spider). When they squirm when biting down it almost adds to the texture, and the liquid that comes out is really creamy and good to eat. The legs are the problem though as they get stuck in your teeth.

Today I ate one of those spindly spiders, the daddy long legs ones. I saw some in the corner of my room, minding thier own business in their web. A moth was stuck in the web (moths are disgusting they're like eating a spoon of flour). I put the spider in my mouth and proceeded to chew it. Now before I got my bite in to kill it, I think it bit me somehow on my tongue or something.

The worst burning sensation I have ever had happened at the moment. It was like my mouth was on fire, but not in a good way like spice. First my tongue was burning and it spread to my jaw and eventually I felt like my brain was going to come out. My tongue has a strange bumpy bit on it now and I don't know if I should see a doctor or not, and even if I did see the doctor. How the fuck do I tell him how it happened?


I have eaten insects all my life and a spider bit the inside of my mouth

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Cleaning the Nile river in Egypt #trashtag

2019-06-16, 21:27:58

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My dad has had the same wallet for so long his driver's license photo is imprinted on the plastic.

2019-06-16, 21:52:55

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Black Boeing employee sues company after finding noose at desk, says 'my work life is degrading'

2019-06-16, 13:54:11

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Cinema Slobs: Talking in the cinema is still a major issue

2019-06-16, 14:40:41

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Driving by thousands of protesters on the streets of Hong Kong today (estimated 2M total)

2019-06-16, 13:02:16

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Perhaps God could hire her as an editor.

2019-06-16, 14:40:07

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New Official Spider-Man: Far From Home Poster that calls back to the Homecoming one

2019-06-16, 23:09:15

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WCGW if I try and avoid getting a ticket.

2019-06-16, 12:43:14

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Co-worker thought I said something that I didn't and it's grounds for firing due to it being sexual harassment.

2019-06-16, 10:53:49

So long story short co-worker complained about something I said. Which I didn't say in the slightest but because of what was "heard" by co-worker it's considered sexual harassment. Of course I have no idea who heard this what day it was or anything because they want to "protect" said co-worker. Anyway my manager told me the story which sounds very unlike me to say in public and at work as well. Just wondering if I should wait it out after told my side of the story.

Edit: Thanks for all the support everyone, also just a little update manager did me a huge solid and had my back hardcore and no one is getting fired.

submitted by /u/GingyFrost to r/legaladvice
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What does the physique YOU find most attractive look like?

2019-06-16, 14:19:56

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IBM didn’t want to sacrifice their full-size keyboard. So they can up with this in their on their 1995 think-pad 701c. It is the only laptop that has a two piece interlocking keyboard that opens and closes with the lid

2019-06-16, 22:53:08

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slice that sausage

2019-06-16, 09:47:26

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Houston pastor who backed bill criminalizing abortion arrested for alleged child sex abuse

2019-06-16, 21:04:36

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TIL Dartmouth (and a few other schools) makes all its students pass a swim test before the graduate, so that they won’t drown and waste their education.

2019-06-16, 20:58:39

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Poe has outgrown Trade

2019-06-16, 13:37:14

It's time the community face the facts and demand that GGG do something about Trade. The problems have become so severe that it is damaging the reputation of the game. Here is just a few of the problems:

- Tons of sellers not replying, usually due to overwhelming influx of trade requests.

- Trade API is often overwhelmed, down, or just plain broken.

- Scammers are running rampant and preying on new or inexperienced players.

- Inability to trade with a potential buyer while running Delve, bossing, or any other intense activity.

- The use of a website to trade instead of something in-game is archaic, clunky, and immersion breaking.

- Accidental miscounts of currency trading often results in a poor trade experience.

- GGG's notion of "fast trades" ruining the game is unproven. Currently, the entire process of trading is frustrating and time consuming. That doesn't encourage players, especially new players, to want to play the game. If players can't get the items they need for their builds, they are more likely to quit. Forcing players to grind for a hundred hours just to get their basic equipment is bad game design.

- (added via edit) The language barrier can also be a problem. We have seen this acutely with the influx of new Korean players who have an entirely different understanding of trade etiquette.

Something needs to be done. I remember back before the Trade websites existed. It was the dark age. But it has been years since the Trade API and websites have been established and it is clear that they can no longer handle the influx of trades. As the population of Poe has grown, so too must the way we Trade. It is no longer feasible to whisper each and every player we wish to trade with, go to their hideout, and trade by hand with them. The system has been straining under the weight to the point that it is now broken. GGG, you MUST address this issue. While I understand that some players prefer limited or no trade, a large portion of players want better and faster trades. The constant threads requesting an Auction House are proof of that. It's a lingering issue that is only getting worse and worse. I'm not explicitly advocating an Auction House, but some kind of in-game instant delivery Trade system needs to happen and needs to happen soon.

Chris, if you read this, please understand that players both want and need a better Trading system. Hundreds and hundreds of suggestions, solutions, and compromises have been posted over the years on how to fix it. Please listen to some of them. There has to be a better way than what currently is. A statement, even a vague one, that GGG is actively working on a replacement for the current Trade system would be greatly appreciated by the community.

(added via edit) The Trade Manifesto is over 2 years old, written when Poe was a much smaller game. Since then, the population has exploded, GGG has been bought by Tencent, and the Leagues are almost entirely different. Poe has evolved a LOT since that time. So yes, I do believe a new statement from Chris about the problems & any developments regarding Trade would be greatly appreciated.

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Unsecured load on Highway 30.

2019-06-16, 21:51:17

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A comic I made about the National Dex cut

2019-06-16, 16:35:11

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Porn Sites in Hong Kong Shut Down to Encourage People to Protest

2019-06-16, 20:01:38

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Just because you're old doesn't mean you can't be treated like an ass when you're one

2019-06-16, 18:20:28

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Hong Kong Police before assaulting defenseless protestors

2019-06-16, 12:12:44

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OFFICIAL | Maurizio Sarri is the new Juventus coach. #WelcomeSarri

2019-06-16, 13:03:47

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Inflatable Garage, protects vehicle from hail. Crosspost from /r/whatisthisthing

2019-06-16, 20:48:15

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