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Happy Nostalgia Day! I had a major obsession as a kid with this show. Brb, I feel a marathon comin' on.

Nostalgic anime dump

For Nostalgia Day I'd like to show you my first car

Some Relevant Nostalgia

When record stores were still a thing

When you get a job way above your skill set

After 2.5 years of work, we are finally coming to the PC and Nintendo Switch! 

Nostalgia. When you didn't need to update everything 10 times a day.

Nostalgic day.

A1 dumpsauce pt 6

Form up, Delta

imgur when they ask me to post something nostalgic...

Throwback Toast

"Nostalgia" day

Frankly I find that more unsettling than his hair growths.

One of the first things I favorited. Perfect for today.

The Eastern Empire Strikes Back

Not sure if any of you heathens watched this one...

Only 1090's kids will remember 

Visual example of a traffic shockwave

Improving your demographic data for marketing by getting your users to reveal their true ages with "nostalgic" references?


Oldie But Goodie

Harry Potter Dump Part 79

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