Gag Manga Shows What Bishōnen Do Behind Closed Doors

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The beautiful boys inshōjo manga aren’t all flower petals and sparkles. Kamaboko RED’sBishōnen Club no Himitsu (The Beautiful Boy Club’s Secret) manga reveals all the not-so-charming things school idols get up to behind closed doors.

The gag comedy stars four elementary school boys that hang out in a classroom after school. Their female peers refer to them as the “Bishōnen Club” and imagine all kinds offujoshi-style fantasies. In reality, the Hikaru, Mikoto, Yūki, and Rui spend their time sharing toilet humor and lurid jokes. One page from the manga’s first volume shows Hikaru sharing his sketches of turds with Yūki to demonstrate what kind of poop he’d like to pass.

The manga’s cover illustration shows one character covered in bruises, another vomiting into a bucket, and another suggestively peeling a banana.

Kadokawa released the first volume ofBishōnen Club no Himitsu on Wednesday. The series is currently running inHarta magazine.

Kamaboko RED has drawn multiple series forIchijinsha‘sWaai! andWaai! Mahalo cross-dressing manga magazines.

Source: Comic Natalie

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