Get 6 months of Xbox Live Gold Membership with 1000 Apex coins for under £15


It’s difficult to believe it, but we’re not that far from the halfway stage of 2019. The passage of time is kind of terrifying, isn’t it? 

If we consider the last four months or so, it’s difficult to look past Apex Legends as the breakthrough game of the year. It has had such an impact that we’re actually talking about it taking Fortnite’s title as the best Battle Royale game on the market. This contest will be particularly interesting to monitor if EA, as expected, takes Apex Legends to mobile devices.

You can now get your hands on 1000 Apex coins for free with an Xbox Live Gold Membership. You can actually get three months free too, if you purchase a three-month membership for £14.99. So, to sum up, you can get a total of six months of Xbox Live Gold Membership for under £15, and receive 1000 Apex coins for absolutely nothing as a sweetener. Read more…

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