Lost Sock Memorial Day: 7 Cat-Themed Socks To Replace The Ones You Lost

Cat and human in socks

Everyone loses socks. It’s just an inevitable thing that happens. In fact, losing socks happens so frequently, the situation has birthed a hashtag holiday, Lost Sock Memorial Day, which takes place on May 9th.

So what better way to refresh your sock collection than by taking it in a feline-themed direction?

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Here are seven pairs of cat socks you can order now, either for yourself or as a surprise gift to a fellow kitty fan.

1. Balmoa Cat Socks

Cat socks

First up, we present these tasteful feline socks that combine a trail of cute paw prints with cat faces at the top, complete with tapered ears.

Buy them on Amazon here!

2. No Show Cat Socks

Cat socks

Next we have an option for the dedicated cat fanatic who, perhaps for work-related reasons, cannot frolic around all day in socks emblazoned with kitties.

These no show socks are available with a range of hidden felines, including tabbies, calicos, and black cats.

Buy them on Amazon here!

3. Cats In Glasses Socks

Cat socks

One for the studious cat fancier, these novelty cotton socks feature a line up of academic felines sporting spectacles.

Buy them on Amazon here!

4. Fuzzy Cozy Socks

Cat socks

Perfect for the colder months when all you want to do is stay home, keep warm, and snuggle with your cat, these non-slip thermal socks come embellished with smiling cat faces on the toes.

Buy them on Amazon here!

5. Cat In A Box Socks

Cat in boxes socks

Cats and cardboard boxes are a classic combination, so why not get on board with the movement by donning these crew-cut socks displaying a clowder happily lounging in their boxes?

Buy them on Amazon here!

6. Realistic Cat Socks

Cat socks

Have you ever harbored ambitions of actually being a cat? Get closer to your feline form goals with these full-print socks that will turn your human feet into a couple of cat paws, complete with paw pads printed underneath.

Buy them on Amazon here!

7. Space Cat Socks

Space cat socks

Finally, if you’re going to sport cat socks, why not go all out and slip on a pair of these eye-catchers that showcase an intergalactic kitty in sunglasses zipping through the cosmos on a burger that also happens to have a turtle in it?

Buy them on Amazon here!

Are you a fan of cat socks? Do you have to replenish your supply for Lost Sock Memorial Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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