‘Tootsie’ on Broadway review: It won’t let you down


First things first: A musical? About Tootsie? It has no business working as well as it does. 

I mean, really. Who could have predicted this? A show-to-stage extravaganza, based on the beloved, Oscar-nominated 1982 comedy about a desperate, out-of-work actor who disguises himself as a woman because he thinks it’ll be easier to get parts that way (HA), and winds up falling in love with a co-star and learning a few things along the way is one of those tales you’d be forgiven for thinking is best left in the past.

Happily, this thoroughly modern update is a genuine thrill, mostly thanks to Robert Horn’s smart book, which excises a lot of the more cringe-y aspects on the original comedy, and instead invites audiences to laugh at Michael Dorsey. The show begins with Michael interrupting the opening number to complain about his character’s motivation, for goodness sake! Packed with jokes, the show is completely ridiculous, but it totally works.  Read more…

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