Cat Treats: Your Guide To Getting The Right Kitty Snacks

Cat eating treats

Cats love treat time–and very few felines can resist the sound of the treat bag being shaken.

There are so many cat treats out there on the market. How do you choose which ones to get for your favorite feline?

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CatTime has you covered with some of our kitties’ favorites!

Here’s our guide to seven cat treats that will have your kitty purring their praises.

1. Temptations

Cat treats

The Temptations brand of cat treats is a classic. Each bag comes with a cartoon of a cat doing something wacky on the front.

They come in a broad range of flavors, so try a variety pack to figure out your own feline’s favorite taste combination.

Buy them on Amazon here!

2. Feline Greenies

Feline Greenies

If you’re looking for a cat treat that will also keep your kitty’s teeth in good shape, consider the popular Feline Greenies brand.

These vet-recommended treats can help your cat maintain their good dental health care.

Buy them on Amazon here!

3. Pounce Caribbean Catch

Pounce treats

The Pounce brand’s Caribbean Catch soft treats are designed for the cat who likes treat time to also be play time.

Throw a few around for your feline to chase and watch the fun unfurl.

Buy them on Amazon here!

4. Purina Beyond Grain Natural Cat Snacks

Beyond Grain treats

Moving over to the healthier side of the cat treats scene, Purina’s Beyond Grain line strips out corn, wheat, and soy and uses chicken as the majority ingredient.

The treats are definitely higher priced than many other brands, but the product claims to be sourced from higher quality ingredients than cheaper lines.

Buy them on Amazon here!

5. Friskies Party Mix

Friskies treats

Targeted at the cat who’s all about variety and surprise in her snacking sessions, the Friskies Party Mix brand packages a bunch of different flavors together in the same packet, including salmon, beef and tuna. Texture wise, the treats are crunchy.

Buy them on Amazon here!

6. Zesty Paws Freeze Dried Salmon

Salmon treats

Switching it up, these snacks are made from freeze dried human-grade sockeye salmon. A natural choice for the feline gourmand.

Buy them on Amazon here!

7. Cat Greens

Cat grass

Finally, don’t overlook the option of treating your cat to some feline grass or greens at treat time.

This sprouting oat garden, by Van Ness, claims to help control hairballs and increase a cat’s digestive health.

Buy it on Amazon here!

Have we overlooked your cat’s favorite treats? Which ones should we check out? Let us know in the comments below!

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