The Puppet of Tersa

The Puppet of Tersa
Explore hand-drawn environments, experience hundreds of interactions, and enjoy over a dozen hand-crafted music tracks! With around 3-4 hours of fun to be had, The Puppet of Tersa: A Curious Place makes a fine addition to any adventure game fan’s library. Cynthia, a curious young girl, finds herself in the strange and eerie world of Tersa, a place both whimsical and creepy, with bizarre creatures and unusual inhabitants. In her search for a way home, Cynthia discovers that something mystical prevents her from leaving. This storybook tale takes place in an era of the past, before computers and smartphones, when children solved problems through exploration and creativity. It is a point-and-click narrative adventure presented in a hand-drawn style that blends childlike innocence with something darker. Source

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