I tried the Cadbury Creme Egg mayo and reader, it was seriously bad


Picture a savoury condiment that’s so creamy and delectably tangy that you want to dip all your food in it for the rest of your days. Now picture some smart alec coming along and mixing the sweetest food known to humankind into this sauce for a bit of a laugh. Yep, you’re picturing the worst savoury-sweet combination in the history of food: Heinz Creme Egg Mayo. 

First of all: Why? 

Why would you mess with a sauce that’s so damn delicious it’s deserving of its own UNESCO protection? Mayonnaise, of all things, you do not trifle with.

But they went and did it anyway. They went and chucked a load of minced up chocolate and the sickly-sweet fondant centre of a creme egg into mayonnaise. And by they, I mean Heinz and Cadbury, who’ve paired up to create this monstrosity. If you’re curious, you can try it yourself at a pop-up installation at Truman Brewery, London from April 11 until 13.  Read more…

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