Stellar Sphere

Stellar Sphere
We celebrate the release of Stellar Sphere with 100 Steam keys. Stellar Sphere is the new scifi sport in zero gravity, where the player will have to develop the best tactics to score the maximum points while trying to survive. Stellar Sphere has 24 levels named with the greek alphabet, from Alpha to Omega, and one infinite level we call Athena. Every level can be played from 3 minutes to 15 minutes, so you have 24×12 levels. Capture the Stellar Sphere with your ship, launch it to the active wormhole, and score. Five scenarios 24 levels plus an infinite level, and many configurations to adjust the game to your style and your own objectives. That is Stellar Sphere. Sport, action, survival, and scifi. You can even add gravity to the scenarios, and activate the Asteroid mode if you just want some fun. Everything designed to test your skills. Good luck! Source

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