The Best Products to Protect Your Furniture from Your Cats

The Ultimate Scratching Post, Ronton's Anti-Scratching Tape, and IN HAND Furniture Scratch Guards

Cats need to scratch things, it’s in their nature. But human nature dictates that the couch isn’t for scratching, it’s for sitting. Thankfully, a few good products will keep those claws away from the couch.

Your sofa is actually a terrible scratching surface. Not just for you, but for your cat. See, sofas are soft and flimsy, and cats prefer something that they can really dig their claws into. So, the best way to keep your cat from ruining your furniture is a solid scratching surface, like a sisal pole or a hunk of corrugated cardboard.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Mr Paws already has a $100 floor-to-ceiling scratching post, he just refuses to use it.  There’s a good chance that your cat simply hasn’t realized that the expensive scratching pole is a better scratching surface than the couch. Mr Paws needs a little… convincing. Lucky for you, there are plenty of training products than can attract your cat to a scratch-appropriate surface, and products that can divert your cat’s attention away from the furniture.

There are a lot of scratching and training products on the market, and a lot of them are overpriced or ineffective. That’s why we’ve taken the time to find the best scratching and training products that money can buy.

The SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post ($50)

The SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

If you want your cat to stop scratching at your couch, then you’ll need to find a product that appeals to its scratching instinct. A good, strong scratching surface will always look more appealing to a cat than your musky sofa. Thing is, scratching posts can be kind of expensive, and they tend to fall apart quickly.

Thankfully, we’ve had some personal experience with a great, inexpensive scratching post. The SmartCat’s Ultimate Scratching Post is a 32″ tall, it’s lined with a long-lasting sisal mat that cats love to dig into and, best yet, it’s very sturdy. Cats hate flimsy cat trees so the more stable-like-a-real-tree the scratching post is, the better. Pair this thing with some catnip, and your kitty friends will completely forget about the dusty old couch.

Catit Cardboard Scratcher with Catnip ($12)

The Catit Cardboard Scratcher

If your cat likes to scratch furniture throughout the house, then you need to offer multiple scratching solutions. One scratching post in the living room won’t stop your cat from scratching the side of your mattress. Why not grab a couple of Catit cardboard scratchers and call it a day? If your kitty is more into scratching the arms and top of your couch and less into the sides, a horizontal scratcher might be in order.

These cardboard scratchers may be cheap, but they’re cat magnets. Cats love to pin down a hunk of corrugated cardboard and go to town, especially if you sprinkle some catnip in those holes. By the way, the Catit cardboard scratcher comes with a bag of catnip, so you can turn it into the ultimate cat scratcher right out of the box.

IN HAND Flexible Furniture Scratch Gards (6-Piece) ($20)

IN HAND Flexible Furniture Scratch Gards

Even if you give your cats a great new scratching surface, there’s a chance that they’ll keep going for the couch. Hey, that’s what they’re used to. You could pick up your cats and manually drag their paws against that new scratching post, but there’s got to be a better way.

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