The Best Baby Slings for Every Parent and Child

Mother with her baby in a sling

Babies love to be close to you. It’s only natural after being in the womb for 9 months, but it’s also not exactly convenient when you’re trying to get stuff done. That’s where a good quality baby sling can make all the difference, and we’ve looked at the best ones currently out there.

Baby slings are available in all different varieties but they each share the same core concept—a safe (and often stretchy) piece of material that you wrap around yourself and your baby so they’re securely attached to the front of your body. That way, your baby is kept snug, you know exactly where they are, but your hands and arms are free to do other things. It’s a great way of ensuring you both feel more secure as you go about your day. It also has benefits for bonding and nursing.

Here’s our pick of the baby slings currently out there.

Best Overall: KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier ($25)

KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier

If you’re in need of a straightforward baby sling that simply just works, regardless of any specific requirements, then buy the KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier.

It’s a one-size-fits-all sling that simply requires an extra loop around for smaller sized mothers and babies. It’s designed using sturdy and stretchy fabric so there’s no undue strain placed on your back or shoulders, while you support your child. It’s also suited for newborns right up to 35lb babies so it’ll last you a reasonable length of time too.

It also doubles as a breastfeeding cover for when you want a little extra privacy while nursing.

Best For Newborns: Boba Baby Wrap ($40)

Boba Baby Wrap

If you have a particularly small or newborn baby, it’s understandable that you might want to get a baby sling that’s specifically aimed at their smaller size. Particularly as it saves you creating an extra loop or two of material. The Boba Baby Wrap is a good solution for this. While it’s good for babies up to 35lb, it’s designed in a way that means it’s extra snug for smaller tots.

Made from a machine washable French terry cloth blend, your baby can snuggle up to you tightly without any worries. There’s Spandex in there too so it retains its shape and never loosens or sags, no matter how often you re-adjust it to nurse or take the baby out. Instructions are super simple too.

Best For Easy Tying: Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling ($40)

Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling
Hip Baby

Many baby slings involve ties to secure them to your body. The Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling does things differently. It uses a ring so that you can thread fabric through it to form a loop, then adjust it easily and quickly to keep your baby snug. If you’re not the most dexterous (or you’re simply in a rush), these are a good way of getting the job done with minimum hassle. Our Editor in Chief Jason Fitzpatrick swears by slings with this simple cloth-and-ring design—his daughter practically lived in a similar sling when she was a baby.

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