Saurian DevLog #65

Hey everyone! We’re still finishing up some lingering bugs for the next patch, and expect it to be released in the next few days, after which you’ll be seeing a lot more movement on the Triceratops front. Until then, we’ve got a non-Trike-related update from Jake and a brief Trike-aside from Henry. We’ve also decided to start periodically sharing some of the great content from fans, so you can see our inaugural community spotlight at the bottom of this ‘log! If you’d like to help us find and squash any remaining bugs on the testing branch or submit your art/screenshots, you can do so in our Discord.


Similar to last time, I’ve been chipping away at the remaining animations for the Trike ontogenetic stages. There’s not much to say that I didn’t cover last time, except to reiterate that animating locomotions for these guys is a real pain. Here’s the subadult’s walk cycle:


To break up the monotony of animating Triceratops locomotions and preserve what little was left of my sanity–which was also depleted by Henry, who makes me so happy and angry at the same time–I decided to rig and start animating the Pectinodon, and I am really, really happy with how it has been turning out. I think the model itself is one of the best I’ve ever done, and it’s pretty cool that we were able to look at literature about another troodontid, Jianianhualong, to influence the appearance of this guy’s plumage.


I’m also happy with how my animations have turned out so far. I looked at a lot of cassowaries for animation reference, as making this thing feel like a large bird was very important. In the end, its character reminds me vaguely of a mix between secretary birds and wolves, which feels appropriate. I was also surprised by how large this guy is when compared to the other animals–I was under the impression Pectinodon was closer in size to Acheroraptor, but he’s significantly larger. I’ve included a size comparison beside a Denversaurus to convey that.


This goober is going to be a menace for hatchling dinosaurs, and once the code having them spawn nocturnally is in, it’s going to make night in Saurian all the more dangerous and tense. I’m excited for it.

Now, after this brief reprieve, I am ready to return to my eternal prison of animating Triceratops locomotion. Lord have mercy on my soul.


So, I’ve been almost entirely focused on squashing bugs, which keep popping up as we stamp out others. I feel like Sisyphus, and it’s awful. That said, in the (very brief) moments I’ve had to do some work on social refactors for Trike (and every other animal with social groups). Until now, most herd restrictions and behavior is hard-coded in a rather inelegant way, since it was intended to be a temporary solution. In the new system I’m writing, group composition profiles are much more flexible and easy to modify, as well as allowing for multiple types of social group configurations within the same species. Here’s a screenshot showing what the new system’s setup for Triceratops looks like so far:


Since Triceratops have two different types of groups (adult/hatchling/juvenile groups and subadult groups), they needed to have separate rule sets for them. However, even within something like the adult/hatchling/juvie group, some rules only pertain to certain growth stages–which this new setup allows me to specify and alter very easily. I’m looking forward to finishing this, as it’s way, WAY more fun and interesting than fixing bugs.

Community Spotlight





   The Rampaging Dakotaraptor

The Rampaging Dakotaraptor




That’s all for this ‘log. Thanks for reading!


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