The Best Wireless Keyboards

Alright, it’s time to clean up the mess of wires that plague your desk. Where to start? By swapping out that dirty old wired keyboard for a brand new wireless keyboard.

Wireless keyboards have been around for a while, but if your last experience was a bad one (ten years ago) we’d urge you to take a modern wireless keyboard for a spin. They’re more reliable and affordable than they used to be, and they come in a variety of styles, just like old fashioned wired keyboards. Some wireless keyboards are made specifically for tablets and phones, but we’re focusing on wireless keyboards for your desktop computer.

Usually, wireless keyboards operate over a radio frequency, and come packaged with a USB dongle. But some are Bluetooth enabled, which is nice if your computer is Bluetooth-ready. If you’ve ever used a wireless mouse, the experience is pretty similar. Like wireless mouses, wireless keyboards are battery-operated and require a charge (or a new AA battery) every few months.

You’d think that it’d be easy to find a good wireless keyboard, but that’s not exactly the case. There are a ton of wireless keyboards on the market, and they’re all targeted toward different computer users. If you’re trying to find a reliable budget wireless keyboard, it can be hard to shop through the mess of gaming keyboards and premium mesh keyboards. If you’re a gamer, it can be difficult to find a balance between affordability and usability.

Lucky for you, we’ve taken the time to find and describe the best wireless keyboards, for everybody’s needs.

CORSAIR K63 Mechanical Keyboard ($90)

CORSAIR K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Gamers and writers love the clickity-clack of a good mechanical keyboard, but it isn’t all about sound. A good, modern mechanical keyboard has to hit a lot of benchmarks before it can be universally appreciated. And since we’re looking for wireless keyboards the hunt is even more difficult.

But the CORSAIR K63 wireless mechanical keyboard somehow manages to hit all of those benchmarks with style. It’s a programmable backlit keyboard with authentic Cherry MX Red switches and an RF USB dongle. Unlike many wireless mechanical keyboards, the K63’s keycaps can be swapped out, so you can ditch the black design whenever you see fit. You can also tether a wired mouse or gaming headset through the K63, so you don’t have to replace your other gear with wireless devices.

The K63’s customization features are robust, and you can store multiple keymaps and color schemes for quick switch-outs. The K63’s also offers lighting synchronization with other CORSAIR products, so you can match your keyboard with the lights in your desktop. But don’t go too crazy with those lights, because the K63’s rechargeable battery only lasts for 15 hours.

Naturally, this keyboard isn’t for everybody. Most people are unfamiliar with mechanical keyboards, and the clicking sound that they produce could infuriate your family or roommates. Not to mention, mechanical keyboards like the K63 are pretty big, and their backlighting features aren’t for everybody.

Logitech K780 Wireless Keyboard ($60)

The Logitech K780 Wireless Keyboard

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