Make Up Your Own Holiday Day: 5 Holidays Cats Would Create If They Could

Cat celebrating make up your own holiday day

It seems that there’s a holiday for almost everything these days, right? Well, in that case, it’s fitting that March 26 has been designated as Make Up Your Own Holiday Day.

That being so, let’s take a fanciful look at five imaginary holidays that cats would create if they were given the opportunity.

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1. National Nap Day

Kitten napping

This one’s a no brainer: Cats are animals that are content to sleep through a good 80 percent of the day.

So why not take the lounging to the max and devote an entire 24 hours to nothing but sleeping and lying around?

2. Treat Tuesdays

Cat eating treats

The sound of the treat bag being shaken is irresistible to our feline friends, but as any good cat parent knows, there’s a limit to how many treats you can responsibly give your kitty in one day.

Luckily, that’s not the case on a little something called Treat Tuesdays, where unlimited treats are available for each and every feline!

3. Save Your Cardboard Week

Cat in cardboard box

Along with napping and snacking, cats love a good cardboard box.

Whether using it as a fort or even chomping down on some of the actual cardboard–and then spitting it out–cats and boxes are a classic combination.

So for Save Your Cardboard Week, we humble humans are required to save each and every piece of cardboard we come across. Then, we bestow said cardboard on our grateful feline overlords.

4. Naked And Proud Day

Hairless cat

We humans seem to take pleasure in trying to dress our cats up in hats and clothes and costumes, mainly because it looks so funny.

Cats, on the other hand, mostly hate this.

So for Naked And Proud Day, it’s all about celebrating the fur that you were born with. Put on your birthday suit!

5. Dogs Do The Work Month

Cat and dog

Finally, we know there are some cats out there who take pride in holding down important jobs in breweries, book stores and corner bodegas.

However, on the whole, it’s safe to say that cats do not generally enjoy the idea of work.

So in Dogs Do The Work Month, their canine counterparts are charged with picking up all of the slack–all of the time.

What holiday do you think your cat would create for Make Up Your Own Holiday Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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