The Best Subscription Boxes for New Parents

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Becoming a new parent is an amazing (and exhausting) experience. Your priorities change overnight and that includes how you spend your time and money. Here’s a selection of subscription boxes for new parents that will help cut back your shopping list a little, as well as provide you with plenty of useful and fun bits and pieces.

Your child is an individual so we’ve looked at different subscription boxes for different needs. Whether you’re encouraging your little one to listen to stories from a young age, or you simply need diapers to arrive on a regular basis, there’s a subscription box here for you. There’s something for everyone.

Here’s our pick of subscription boxes for new parents and caregivers.

Best Overall: Bluum ($34 a month)

Mother opening a Bluum subscription box with her child

Bluum is the go-to place for if you want a subscription box that grows with your pregnancy and your child. Each month, you’re sent at least four items that are relevant to your family. The products are curated specifically for your child’s age and development stage, so there’s no waste here. For instance, a box for an 8-month-old may contain play blocks, a sleeved bib, and essential oils to help your child sleep; while a toddler box contains a mixture of books and wooden toys to keep your kiddo captivated. In all cases, a retail value of over $45 is guaranteed.

Bluum costs $34 a month with it possible to cancel any time that suits you. You’re not tied into a contract. It’s an appealing way of enjoying a few treats you might not ordinarily track down, without the hassle of a financial commitment.

Best For Books: Lillypost ($16-20 a month)

Lillypost Subscription Box

Reading regularly to your child is one of the best things you can do for them. It helps you bond with each other, as well as teaches them the value of learning and reading. Your child is never too young to read to. Subscribe to Lillypost and you won’t run out of options either. The service offers books for kids from newborn to 7 years old. Simply select your child’s age and you get 4 board books or 3 picture books each month.

Past books have included traditional favorites like Dear Zoo, Where’s Spot, as well as newer delights like 5 Minute Disney and Pixar Stories.

Subscriptions cost varying amounts depending on your commitment. A rolling month by month subscription costs $19.95 per month with that price dropping to $15.95 per month for a 12-month subscription. Whichever plan you go with, it’s a bargain for the number of books you receive. Each box has an average retail value between $25 and $50. Lillypost also donates one book to a child in need for every box sold.

Best For The Environment: Ecocentric Mom ($32.99 per month)

Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box
Ecocentric Mom

You want the best for your child, right? That includes wanting the best world for them to grow up in. It’s easy for some subscription boxes to be a little heavy on waste but that’s far from the case with Ecocentric Mom. Each month, you get a selection of organic and eco-friendly products for both mom and baby. Boxes are customized for every month of pregnancy as well as your baby’s development up to the age of two.

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