GTC Shines Light on Business Success with AI

Adopting AI within an enterprise isn’t always obvious or easy. Businesses need to consider the problems they want to solve, whether they have data of the right kind and quality, which deep learning models to use, how to build the right teams to implement their strategy, and many more challenges.

Executives faced with questions like these can get answers during the AI for Business sessions at GTC. Over the course of two days at the world’s premier AI event, the dozen-plus sessions will address the most pressing issues for the people who are leading AI adoption within their businesses.

AI for Business sessions focus on real-world use cases that tackle concerns relevant to a wide variety of industries. The panels and talks are geared for business leaders considering or executing AI at any maturity level – from setting strategy and getting started, to applying solutions across entire organizations.

Highlights from the lineup are below, but be sure not to miss each day’s opening sessions. On Tuesday, March 19, Oliver Schabenberger, chief operating and technology officer at SAS, will discuss the “inevitability” of AI and how businesses can get ahead of the trend that is reshaping the world.

On Wednesday, March 20, join a fireside chat with Walmart CTO Jeremy King in conversation with Rich Karlgaard, publisher of Forbes. They’ll discuss how organizations can accelerate their innovation with AI to solve problems and position themselves for a more successful future. Following this session, Karlgaard will speak with Debra King, CIO at Dupont Agriculture, about the dual responsibilities of building business growth and efficiencies through AI innovation.

AI for Business sessions were some of the most well-attended last year, so don’t delay in registering for GTC — and plan on showing up early to any of the 13 sessions that interest you.

Highlights from the AI for Business Agenda

Day One: Tuesday, March 19

  • Opening Session: Oliver Schabenberger, chief operating officer at SAS, on Artificial Intelligence: Technology’s Inevitable Consequence.
  • Framing Business Problems as Machine Learning Problems — With Carlos Escapa, global lead of the AI/ML consulting practice at AWS.
  • Deep Learning Institute Executive Workshop — Join a “getting started” primer for deep learning in the enterprise with panelists Tim Delisle, CEO at Datalogue, and Jeff Goldman, director of data science at Procter & Gamble, in discussion with Will Ramey, senior director of deep learning at NVIDIA.
  • Deep Learning Implementers: Keys to Success — Hear from business leaders who have already deployed deep learning at scale with NVIDIA DGX systems. Panelists Zach Hanif, director of the Capital One Center for Machine Learning; Enhao Gong, CEO at Subtle Medical; and Jeremy Fix, senior director of data science at AT&T, discuss with moderator Tony Paikeday, director of AI and deep learning at NVIDIA.
  • What Enterprises Can Expect from Congress — Get a first-hand look at how the U.S. Congress is approaching AI and what policies they’re advocating for, with Ned Finkle, vice president of external affairs at NVIDIA, and U.S. Representative Jerry McNerney, of California.

Day Two: Wednesday, March 20

  • Opening Session: Jeremy King, CTO of Walmart, with Rich Karlgaard, publisher of Forbes, on Accelerating Innovation in the Enterprise.
  • Driving AI Innovation During Business Transformation, with Debra King, CIO at Dupont Agriculture.
  • Drive Operational Efficiencies with AI — Hear how business leaders are driving operational efficiencies within their organizations with AI applications. Sam Charrington, with This Week in Machine Learning, moderates a panel featuring John Elliott, managing director of Accenture Digital; Atif Kureishy, vice president of global emerging practices, AI and Deep Learning, at TeraData; and Arun Subramaniyan, vice president of data science and analytics at BHGE Digital.
  • Healthcare in the AI Era: Innovating with Data and Its Implications — Learn why healthcare has been at the forefront of AI adoption and what other industries can learn from the experience. Carla Leibowitz, global head of clinical and life sciences partnerships at NVIDIA, moderates a panel with Walter De Brouwer, CEO of Doc.AI; Rajeev Ronanki, chief digital officer at Anthem Insurance; and Dr. Rick White, chair of radiology at Ohio State University.
  • Synthetic Data Will Drive Next Wave of Business Applications — Discover how businesses with poor data quality could have the opportunity to succeed using synthetic data, with Rev Lebaredian, vice president of simulation technology at NVIDIA.

Five More Reasons to Attend GTC

Bryan Catanzaro, vice president of applied deep learning at NVIDIA, relays other great reasons to attend:

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