Deal Alert: Get Four LIFX Smart Bulbs for $120

4 LIFX bulbs featuring Buy 2 Get 2 Free text

If you’re interested in bright color-changing smart bulbs that don’t require a separate hub, then LIFX has a deal for you. Using the code B2G2, you can get four bulbs for a little more than the price of two.

We’ve highly recommended LIFX bulbs in the past, and that’s because they’re great. They’re Wi-Fi capable smart bulbs, which means they don’t require a hub to work. Instead, they can talk directly to your other devices, whether that be IFTTT, Alexa, Google Home, or even HomeKit.

Unfortunately, LIFX bulbs usually cost a premium for color-changing capabilities. You can expect to pay $45 for the A19 size bulbs on any given today. Today though, if you go to their sale site, add four bulbs to the cart and use the code B2G2, you’ll pay $120.

LIFX is calling this buy two get two free, but technically this costs a little bit more than two bulbs do. Even still, it’s a great deal and worth jumping on if you’re in the market for Wi-FI color-changing bulbs.


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