The Best Subscription Boxes for Vinyl Collectors

Vinyl Me Please

Digging through crates is fun and all, but it can be difficult to find a good, playable record for a reasonable price. Thankfully, there are subscription boxes that make record collecting more affordable and easy.

Even with the rise in popularity of vinyl over the last decade it still may come as a surprise that there are a ton of vinyl subscription boxes on the market right now. They all have their own perks (exclusive records, old records, indie records, etc), but the general idea stays the same across all sites—build your record collection without wasting any time or money.

Many of these subscription websites allow you to choose a preferred genre or even specific records that you’d like each month, so you won’t end up with anything lame. And some of these subscriptions offer exclusive records, art, and inserts that could increase in value as time goes on.

Of course, depending on your budget or your listening preferences, one subscription box may appeal to you more than another. Subscribing to more than one of these would be… expensive. That’s why we’ve taken the time to find the best vinyl record subscription boxes for everybody’s needs.

Vinyl Me, Please ($25)

Vinyl Me, Please is one of the most popular record subscription services on the internet, and for good reason. Each month, Vinyl Me sends you an exclusive record, usually with a colored disc, a lyrics insert, or special artwork. And these aren’t some lame-brain records you’ve never heard of, they’re classics (and new hits) from all genres, including hip-hop and funk.

You get to decide which genre you want each month. But if you don’t like what Vinyl Me is offering, you can opt for a different record, or one that had been sent out a previous month. Some of Vinyl Me’s exclusive records have become popular collector’s items, so you may as well hop on the bandwagon now if you’ve got the dough.

Cratejoy Vinyl Record Club ($20)

If you’re a fan of subscription boxes, then you’ve probably heard of Cratejoy. The website’s full of unique subscription boxes, from cat boxes to makeup boxes, and it turns out that the Cratejoy Vinyl Record Club subscription is pretty good too.

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