The Best Tools and Sprays For Cleaning Your Car Wheels

Car wheel and rim, sudsy during car washing
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Clean wheels are a key part of ensuring your car or truck looks as good as it did the day you first drove it off the forecourt. You need the right tools and cleaners to get that desired effect though. Here’s a look at the best cleaning products out there for removing brake dust, oil, and general road dirt.

All these cleaners have the potential to eliminate all dust and dirt from your wheels and tires, providing you use them correctly. You need to own the right cleaning tools for achieving that result. Ideally, you want a brush, microfiber cloth, or sponge to get things looking just so. You also need a high-quality pressure washer to wash off residue and any easy to eliminate dust marks. We’ve already checked out general cleaning implements, but we’ve picked out some key favorites for this task too.

Read on to find out more about making your wheels and tires super clean and shiny.

Wheel Brush: TAKAVU Wheel Brush ($16)

The TAKAVU Wheel Brush is ideal for getting to those hard to reach nooks and crannies within the wheel spokes of your alloys. Using your fingers with a rag is not only ineffective but a route to sore hands, so this brush is a great and effective way of circumventing that. It’s 9.5″ long so there’s plenty of room here to get into the tricky parts of your wheels. Whether you’re just trying to agitate some dirt away, or quickly polish something, this brush will help you out a ton.

Detailing Brush: Mothers Detail Brush ($4)

It’s not that hard to get the dirt and debris off your wheels but it’s trickier to get them super shiny and as good as new. That’s where the Mothers Detail Brush comes into play. It offers extra soft bristles on a long brush that’s easy to grip onto. Simply use it to eke out the last few marks on your alloys so you get every last hint of dirt. It’ll take a little elbow grease but if you want a sparkling clean car, you want to do it well, right? These brushes will make that possible, and at a low price too.

Adam’s Deep Wheel Cleaner ($17)

The sweet spot for a good wheel cleaner is to use one that cleans effectively, but doesn’t take much effort from you. Adam’s Deep Wheel Cleaner is that cleaning solution. Simply spray it on, wait for it to change color, then wash it off. It is genuinely as simple as that.

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