This Valentines Day, say it with grubs

At last, it is here. February 14th: Your favorite party for beheaded Christian martyrs. And your opportunity to tell that special someone just how much you care. So what are you to do now that those gum-lacerating conversation hearts are no more? Or when the greeting cards on offer just involve too many soft kittens lounging on powder-pink throws? Look no further. I visited the Biodiversity Heritage Library’s collection of open-source images and mocked up some card options so you don’t have to!

“I can’t take my eyes off of you…because my nictitating membranes are stuck.”

“Your love hit me like a very large ice-weasel/very small polar bear attack”

“Thanks for always making me smile”

“I’d compromise my fitness for you”

“Come to my place I have prepared a romantic meal”

“No seriously I am making some very delicious grub”

“This card is an innuendo”

“This card is also an innuendo”

“No glove, no love”


“We need a safe word”

“I thought you might need these tools to help you dismantle the patriarchy”

“And you say I never get you anything nice”

To use: Simply press the command key, the shift key, and they 4 key simultaneously, then click the cursor on the upper left hand corner of your image and drag diagonally down to the right to draw a square around your selected image and caption. When you release the clicker, a screen shot will appear on your desktop. Voila! Your card!

Image links, in order of appearance:


Ice weasel attack



Romantic meal

Delicious grub

Good tongue


Use protection


Good boundaries make good relationships


For you on your special day


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