5 Cat-Themed Gifts To Celebrate Drink Wine Day With Your Kitty

Woman drinking wine on couch with cat on drink wine day

February 18th is a hashtag holiday known as Drink Wine Day! Obviously, you should not be attempting to coerce your cat into sipping a little vino–but that doesn’t mean you cannot share the holiday together. After all, you’re never drinking alone when your cat is around.

Check out these five feline-themed–and cat-appropriate–gifts you can purchase for Drink Wine Day right now!

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1. Cat Wine

Wine for cats

Have you heard about cat wine? It’s basically a non-alcoholic liquid infused with catnip. Treat your favorite feline to a night on the tiles with this set of cat wine, cat champagne, and cat tea. The catnip kick may also have your kitty feeling a little tipsy.

Buy on Amazon here!

2. Cat Mom Wine Glass

Cat mom wine glass

Show off your proud cat parenting status with this wine glass that’s emblazoned with the slogan, “Best cat mom ever.” The white text pairs best with a healthy pour of red vino. The vessel also features a feline packing a whole lot of attitude.

Buy on Amazon here!

3. Cat Wine Stopper

Cat wine stopper

For those nights when you take a long cat nap on the couch before you can finish off the entire bottle of wine, reach for this gold, stainless steel, feline wine stopper. Just overlook the part about the cat’s butt helping to plug the bottle.

Buy on Amazon here!

4. Catnip Wine Bottle

Catnip wine toy

While you sit back with a fancy glass of wine, let your cat get in on the relaxation with these miniature toy wine bottles filled with catnip. The cat-bernet is said to be a fine pick for these cold winter months.

Buy on Amazon here!

5. Sphinx Wine Bottle Opener

Cat wine bottle opener

Finally, what better way to crack open that well-deserved bottle of wine than with a bottle opener shaped like a regal kitty? The contraption also features rose gold plating to impress the fanciest of felines.

Buy on Amazon here!

Do you enjoy a glass of wine at home while hanging out with your cat? Are you spending Drink Wine Day with a special feline companion? Then tell us about it in the comments below!

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