Why the ’15-minute recipe’ sets you up to fail


Like any good millennial, I like to pretend that I prefer cooking to takeout. I love to tell myself that I cook quickly and well. When my day in the spotlight finally arrives and I’m interviewed for a Refinery29 “Money Diary,” the whole world will see how much money I save by cooking and how efficiently I spend my time in the kitchen.

My fantasy is a widely shared delusion. Nothing has crushed me and my fellow millennials harder than the popular “15-minute recipe” genre, which promises that you can cook a masterful meal (sometimes including prep time) in 15 minutes or less. 

It’s a chronic source of disappointment. Almost always, as if by design, these recipes take longer than the time they’ve been allotted. Your skill level is irrelevant. No matter how fast or how competent you are, you’ll never be good enough. Read more…

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