Comic Boost Manga Site Launches With New Manga by Ryo Ikuemi, Jingu Takao, More

Gentosha launched itsComic Boost manga website on Tuesday with a new manga serialization byRyo Ikuemi. In the next few months, the website is slated to launch seven other manga, including new manga byJingu Takao,Natsuki Sumeragi,Kei Toume, andYuji Shiozaki. The new site is a relaunch ofGentosha‘s previousDenshi Birz website.

Ryo Ikuemi is drawing the new manga titledEine Kleine Nachtmusic (seen right), based on the novel byKōtarō Isaka. The manga centers on an office worker whose wife leaves him, a beautician who falls in love with someone only by their voice, and a female office worker who meets her former bully.

Ikuemi’sPops manga inspired an original video anime in 1993, herKiyoku Yawaku manga inspired a live-action film adaptation in 2013, and herAnata no Koto wa Sorehodo inspired a live-action television series in 2017. Most recently, Ikuemi’sPrincipal manga inspired a live-action film that opened in Japan last March.JManga digitally distributed Ikuemi’sCousin manga in English before also closing its doors.

Ikuemi most recently ended herTaiyō ga Miteiru (Kamoshirenai Kara) manga last May. She launched the series inCookie in March 2014.Shueisha published the manga’s eighth and final volume last July.

Jingu Takao will launch theFurari Guesthouse (Aimless Guesthouse) on February 1. The manga centers on Kokoro, a girl who is tired out from being busy every day. She goes to a guesthouse to refresh herself.

Takao previously collaborated withMasahiro Totsuka on theBamboo Blade C manga. The manga debuted in the June 2013 issue ofMonthly Big Gangan, and ended in August 2016.Square Enix published seven compiled book volumes for the manga. Totsuka wrote the story while Takao drew the manga.

Natsuki Sumeragi is drawing the new mangaMitsubachi to Enrai (Honey Bee and Distant Thunder), based on the Naoki Prize-winning novel by writer Riku Onda. The manga launches on February 8. The story is a teenage ensemble drama that focuses on an international piano competition.

Sumeragi drew the character designs for theGuin Saga anime. Sumeragi also previously adaptedKazuo Koike‘sYume Genji Tsurugi no Saimon novel into manga.

Kei Toume will launch the mangaHōkago Cinema (After School Cinema) sometime in or after March. The short color manga will center on Maki and Noe, who both love movies. The manga will show the pair watching movies, from sci-fi, to horror, romance, and road movies, and discussing their thoughts on the movies.

Tokyopop published Toume’sLament of the Lamb manga in English.Lament of the Lamb inspired a four-episodeoriginal video animation (OVA) in 2003. Toume launchedKūden Noise no Himegimi (Static Noise Princess) inGentosha‘sComic Birz magazine in July 2016, andGentosha will publish the third compiled volume on January 24.Comic Birz ended serialization last June. The manga relaunched inKodansha‘sEvening magazine on January 9 as a continuation with the new titleKūden no Himegimi (Static Princess).

Yuji Shiozaki is launching the new mangaAkinohashi no Oni, Hito o Kurafu Katari (The Story of the Man-Eating Demon at Akinohashi), based on the story byBaku Yumemakura.

Shiozaki launched the mangaIkki Tousen (Battle Vixens) inWani BooksMonthlyComic Gum magazine in 2000, and serialized it in the magazine until it suspended publication in May 2015. Shiozaki then continued to serialize the manga on theMonthlyComic Gum website, which was renamedWEBComic Gum, until August 2015. Shiozaki launchedShinIkki Tousen inShonengahosha‘sYoung King Ours magazine in 2015, and the third compiled book volume shipped last April.Tokyopop held the license toYuji Shiozaki‘s original manga in North America under the nameBattle Vixens until the company closed its North American publishing branch in 2011. A spinoff,Ikki Tousen Gaiden, launched inShonengahosha‘s newYoung King BULL magazine last year.

The main manga has inspired four television anime and threeOVA adaptations, with a new three-episodeOVA titledIkki Tousen Western Wolves that will ship on Blu-ray Disc and DVD on February 27, with television airings onAT-X on January 3, February 3, and March 3.

Source: Comic Boost, Comic Natalie


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