The 5 Best Cat Videos You Need To Watch For January

Cat watching an iPad

Each and every month at CatTime, we sift through the gazillions of cat videos uploaded to the Internet and spotlight five of the most entertaining. To kick off your New Year video viewing pleasure, here are January 2019’s absolutely must-watch cat videos.

(If you missed last month’s edition, you can still check out those cat videos here!)

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1. Gilbert Gets Vacuumed


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A post shared by Nelly & Gilbert The Cats (@missenell) on


Gilbert is a three-year-old Bengal cat. Back in December, he celebrated his birthday in the traditional fashion of, er, receiving a full-on body vacuum.

2. Zara’s Sunday Chill Session


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A post shared by Zara the Bengal (@zarabengalcat) on


Keeping with the Bengal love, let’s check out Zara. She’s a six-year-old feline who enjoys spending her Sundays lounging around and stretching out on her fancy cat tree. Make sure you turn up the volume to hear her adorable meow.

3. Little And Large


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A post shared by Welcome to Casa Di Purr! (@purrminators) on


There’s nothing like a heartwarming foster kitty scene. Here we have some reciprocal grooming going on between a luxurious-haired ginger adult cat and an impish little kitten.

4. Kinako Tests The Water


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A post shared by 茶太郎きなこ短足兄妹 (@amaccho5160) on


Cats don’t particularly like water, right? Wrong–if you’re Kinako, a Munchkin who always likes to meticulously test the temperature of the water before dipping in.

5. Luu Gets Pawtastic


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A post shared by Puu ぷう Luuるう (@felirafelira) on


Luu is another Munchkin kitty (well, with a little Persian mixed in). Still in her kittenish days, here we have some delightful footage of Luu discovering how to tap her tiny paws together.

Have you watched any amazing cat videos this month? Let us know in the comments below!

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