Future Man Season 2: 9 Things You Need To Know, Straight From The Cast and Producers

Get ready to head back… to the future. The second season of Future Man is almost here and the Hulu original series is somehow more bizarre and absurd than ever before. After seemingly saving the world at the end of Season 1, Josh Futturman (Josh Hutcherson), Tiger (Eliza Coupe), and Wolf (Derek Wilson) are headed forward in the timeline, only to realize something got very screwed up along the way.

To find out what, exactly, got screwed up, GameSpot and a few other outlets got the chance to speak with the cast and producers of the series at New York Comic-Con. Thankfully, they were very revealing when it came to revealing what you should expect in the new episodes. Nothing’s off the table it seems, from more horrible degradation of Futturman to a musical number hidden somewhere in the new season.

If you loved the first season of Future Man, chances are you’re going to enjoy what the team behind the series has come up with for Season 2. Don’t expect to be jumping around in the timeline like Season 1, though. Instead, the majority of Season 2 is set in this insane new future, leaving Josh, Tiger, and Wolf completely out of their element. One of them does find it oddly comforting, though.

The new season of Future Man premieres Friday, January 11 on Hulu.

1. Josh didn’t exactly save the world

While Josh, Tiger, and Wolf may have completed their mission at the end of Season 1, seemingly saving the future, not everything is in good shape. After returning to the future, they realize they’ve changed the timeline entirely, wiping out their own histories.

“They come back to a world that has familiar elements, but they’re complete strangers in it,” executive producer Ben Karlin teased. “And what does that mean to be a stranger in a world where nobody knows who you are, what you’ve done? You recognize people, but they don’t recognize you.”

In fact, for Josh, Hutcherson admitted that the future he created might somehow be worse than the one he tried to fix. “He thought that he was saving the world, he thought that it was gonna be this oasis and amazing place where everyone co-existed happily together,” the actor said. “And he’s smacked in the face with the gloomy reality that that is not the case and in some ways he’s made things worse in certain elements.”

2. The new future is much more weird than the old one

This new future they’ve landed in is truly bizarre. Unlike the urban wasteland of Season 1’s brief looks forward, in many ways the rewritten future has seen humanity regress, with communities of people living in what are essentially shanty towns in vast open spaces. For this new world, survival could be anything from spending your days making wheels to sell to attempting to escape Earth for greener interplanetary pastures.

One thing’s for sure, though. As strange as the new future might seem to Tiger, Wolf, and Josh, it’s incredibly funny watching these characters integrate themselves into the new and absurd normal.

3. Josh is still the butt of every joke

If there’s one thing Future Man is excellent at in Season 1, it’s subjecting Hutcherson to some truly embarrassing moments–including one with a very funny fake penis. As far as Season 2 goes, it sounds like the show is going even further.

“There’s moments where I’m throwing up all over myself, I’m drinking my own piss, I’m running around naked, I’m just like a total wimp,” Hutcherson admitted. “I’m chained and muzzled. The season’s challenge was, how far can we degrade Josh Futturman? Pretty far, apparently.”

According to executive producer Evan Goldberg, a lot of the horrible things Josh goes through are because the actor himself is always game to push the limits. “I think the best part of the new season is watching Josh Hutcherson do even more degrading things every episode,” he said. “He just has no shame, in a good way. He’s willing to do anything, and they keep making him do crazier stuff. He had a lot of full frontal nudity in the first season, some of that’s back. He’s just down to make a fool of himself, and it’s very funny.”

4. The team is splintered for a lot of Season 2

While so much of Season 1 features the trio of Josh, Tiger, and Wolf acting as a team, the new episodes will see them quite often on their own. “The team is kind of fractured and splintered in ways and [Josh is] basically just trying to get them to listen to him, and trying to get them to come together as a team to fight the good fight,” Hutcherson said. Unfortunately for him, they’re not necessarily listening to what he has to say.

5. Wolf finds a new passion

Season 1 was a wild ride for Wolf, who found happiness in everything from cooking to cocaine. Now, in Season 2, he has a new passion. “He goes to a different place this season,” executive producer Kyle Hunter said. “He becomes a family man and explores fatherhood for the first time, because they jump back to a time when different versions of Tiger and Wolf exist, and he sort of slips into his doppelganger’s place and joins a family of six parents to one child, which is how they do it in our future. It takes a village to raise a child.”

6. Yes, Tiger is a biotic

It was revealed in the Season 1 finale that Tiger wasn’t the human we all thought she was. Instead, she’s a genetically engineered biotic. As Coupe revealed, it’s going to cause a serious strain in her relationship with Wolf. “It completely puts quite a wedge [in] the relationship between Tiger and Wolf; the feared enemy is now [me], so that’s a bit of a problem, there,” she teased.

7. And there is more than one Tiger

While Tiger and Wolf may not be best friends this season, she won’t be alone. As it turns out, Coupe will be playing more than one version of herself in Season 2. It’s the future, so why not play around with cloning?

“I play multiple versions of myself,” the actress said. “Which is not new for me, as a person, in my own brain on a daily basis. But for this it was interesting.” While the other versions may look like Tiger, don’t expect them to act or sound like her, though.

8. Future Man has a song in its heart

Given that musical episodes are all the rage these days, it should come as no surprise that Future Man is absorbing this particular trend into its brand of weirdness in Season 2. It won’t be an entire episode, though. Instead, Karlin teased, there will be one elaborate musical sequence.

“We do a full-on musical number this year–a big-production-value musical that I think will surprise a lot of people,” he said.

Coupe was able to share quite a few more details, revealing, “I sing, Haley [Joel Osment] and I sing, we really sing, and we really dance. Fun fact: [I’m] not a great dancer, so there’s that. But I did well, because I’m obsessive and made sure that I figured it out. It was really fun. It was over two nights, night shoot in a parking lot, very La La Land-esque.”

9. Time travel won’t be much of a concern after this season

While Season 2 has yet to premiere, the series already has one thing figured out for Season 3. Should Future Man get renewed, don’t expect the characters to go jumping around in time to solve or create more problems.

“We’ve got a definitive answer about the whole nature of time travel, at least in our world, and at the end of the season,” Karlin revealed. “We wanted to avoid that, because again it becomes like, well everything is a zero-sum game, so what’s the point? Why do I invest, if you just go back and reset? We were very conscious of that and hopefully in a way that we don’t regret, basically made that impossible for us to do in Season 3.”


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