Henry Cavill loved ‘Aquaman’ so much he went for a swim with a fork


While Henry Cavill’s first look as Geralt in the TV adaptation of The Witcher video game did not go down well, his Aquaman impression can stay.

The Justice League star posted a congratulatory Instagram to his superhero co-star Jason Momoa by channeling his box-office smash Aquaman

Cavill, who’s usually seen donning a cape as Superman in the DC Extended Universe films, instead took to a body of water — in what weirdly looks like the dead of night — capeless, Lycra-less, and wielding a fork as a trident. 

“Channeling the man of the hour, the man of big hugs, big laughs and big pints of Guinness, my man Jason Momoa. How’d I do?” he captioned the post. Read more…

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