5 Awesome Cat Sticker Sets You Can Order Now!

Cat stickers

January 13th is National Sticker Day. This little-known hashtag holiday is all about celebrating stickers, which means it’s the perfect time to embrace your appreciation of the feline form by ordering some of these cat-themed sticker sets to spruce up all of your daily labeling needs. You can get them as gifts for kids, kids at heart, or cat lovers in your life, too! Check out some of my favorite cat stickers available on Amazon that you can buy right now!

1. Lovely Kitty Cat Stickers

Cat stickers

Pitched as ideal stickers for use at school or at the office, this sticker set comprises ten sheets which each host nine different breeds of cats, including ginger Tabbies, Ragdolls, and black cats. The various kitties also all have a nicely bewildered look on their faces.

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Buy them on Amazon now!

2. Super Cute Cat Stickers

Kawaii cat stickers

This sticker set embraces a cutesy kawaii style of illustration, and is recommended for making your planners and diaries sparkle. You also get about a gazillion cat stickers in the package, one of which depicts a feline holding an umbrella.

Buy them on Amazon now!

3. Wall Emoji Stickers

Cat wall stickers

Moving on from the world of stickers designed for planners and office supplies, these large emoji stickers are designed to perk up your walls. Each of the nine cats is around ten inches tall, and they make it look like a feline is bursting out of you walls! They’re also apparently recommended for use in the bathroom.

Buy them on Amazon now!

4. Cat Photo Roll

Cat photo stickers

Looking for something a little more realistic in your cat stickers? Check out this photo roll of 100 different cats and kittens, all ready for you to peel them off and stick wherever you so desire.

Buy them on Amazon now!

5. Meow Party Favors

Cat party favor stickers

Finally, if you’re hosting any sort of a feline-themed party or get together, considering spicing up chocolates, candy and even glasses with these dinky cat stickers. Each pack comes with 324 stickers so you can probably be pretty liberal with your sticking.

Buy them on Amazon now!

Do you use cat stickers to help organize your planners and work files? Are you excited to spread some cat stickers on National Sticker Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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