5 New Year’s Resolutions Cats Will Absolutely Break

Cat celebrating the new year

The New Year is here, which traditionally means we all come up with a list of virtuous and wholesome resolutions to keep throughout the year in a bid to better ourselves. Well, that’s the idea. Usually, we keep to the resolutions for a few weeks before we discover that our old habits were, admittedly, far more fun.

As you’d imagine, this idea of skipping out on resolutions is something that cats are all about, too. Here are five new year’s resolutions that cats are guaranteed to break within minutes.

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1. Snack Responsibly

Cat eating treats

We all know that it can be hard to keep our cat’s weight in check and at a healthy level, especially when we’re talking about indoor cats. So an obvious new year’s resolution would be to cut down on all those tasty treat times.

Yeah, right.

At the first sound of the treat bag being shaken, your feline will awaken from their nap and dart straight to the source to snack with gusto.

2. Nap Less, Exercise More

Cat napping on couch

Most of us humans will be vowing to stick to some form of a resolution that involves getting up off the couch, delaying the latest must watch binge show, and exercising more, whether it’s taking up a new class or upping our daily steps.

This is not a line of thinking that your cat will be getting on board with, as the expression on your feline’s face will tell you if you dare waking them up from a nap.

3. Let Your Human Sleep More

Cat waking human up in bed

Conversely, while cats are determined to sleep just as much as ever during 2019, they’re also apparently just as determined to keep on waking their humans up as frequently as possible, whether it’s for 3am play sessions or 5am demands to be fed.

4. Shed Less

Cat shedding lots

There’s nothing like leaving your home for an important work meeting or social soiree, then realizing that you have cat hair prominently stuck all over your clothing.

Naturally, cats are determined to do absolutely nothing about this in 2019. They will continue to shed all over your clothes and furniture in the most conspicuous way possible.

5. Respect Your Human’s Property

Cat walking across laptop computer

Whether furniture or consumer electronics, there’s a 99 percent chance that when you bring something new into your home, your cat is going to automatically assume that it is theirs. Usually, claiming this new property involves napping on it. This will definitely not be changing in 2019.

Do you have any new year’s resolutions in mind for your own cat? Share them in the comments below!

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