The 10 Best Netflix And Other Streaming Fireplaces For The Holidays

If you want the glow of a fireplace but not the fire insurance to actually own one, a virtual fireplace is your next best bet, especially for the holiday season.

The yule log TV tradition goes back to the black-and-white-era, when one or two networks might have broadcasted a yule log fireplace on an endless loop, with Christmas music tinkling in the background. Today, there’s a wide variety of streaming options for you to choose from.

Which one feels the most authentic and holly jolly? Here are the 10 best streaming fireplaces, ranked.

10. Puppies Crash Christmas

Stream it on: Hulu/YouTube

We’ll start things off with the cutest, most schadenfreude fireplace. Log onto Hulu and watch a herd of puppies destroy a room as peaceful, classical yuletide music plays in the background.

9. Unikitty Christmas (2016)

Stream it on: YouTube

It’s the fireplace you never knew you wanted. If you can’t wait for The Lego Movie 2, try out this fireplace, featuring a Unikitty quietly snoring in the corner.

8. Lullaby Baby

Stream it on: YouTube

For the parents who view the Lullaby Baby company as their saviors, this fireplace has soothing acoustic guitar music over a close, intimate fire.

7. Cartoon Christmas

Stream it on: Amazon

Amazon Prime has the traditional yule log setup, but they also offer something a little more technicolor and hand drawn. Watch old school Christmas cartoons next to an animated fireplace.

6. A Florida Fireplace

Stream it on: YouTube

Here’s a tropical alternative for the official Florida tourism department for people who have never seen a white Christmas in their lives, and have to go dashing through the sand instead of the snow. It turns out that the yule log is equally effective as a bonfire as it is in a fireplace.

5. Fireplace For Your Home

Stream it on: Netflix

In 2013, Netflix released a self-serious trailer for Fireplace for Your Home, a yule log program directed by George Ford. Ford also directs aquariums and mountain streams, but his fireplace is what he is most known for. Just make sure to use the stream that has no music; the Christmas music is a little on the bland side, and leaves something to be desired.

4. Darth Vader Yule Log

Stream it on: YouTube

It’s a good gag, even if you don’t keep it on for more than a few minutes. Who would have thought that the end of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, when Luke burns his father’s body, would make such an excellent yule log?. A dark-humored, funny alternative to the traditional options.

3. Warner Bros. Records (2017)

Stream it on: YouTube

Now this looks impressive! A massive fire fills the entire screen, and it has a brilliant, almost intimidating glow. The soundtrack is Michael Buble, Josh Groban, and more adult contemporary muzak. Even if you don’t listen to this type of music for the rest of the year, they’re bearable during the holiday season.

2. Birchwood Crackling Fireplace

Stream it on: Netflix/YouTube

George Ford’s most recent masterpiece is a birchwood fireplace, with even more crackling and fire than the original Fireplace for your Home. Both are available on Netflix, and the birchwood version (which is superior, in our opinion) is available on YouTube as well.

1. Hallmark Dog and Cat

Stream it on: YouTube

The number 1 spot goes to the Hallmark dog and cat, who win on pure, unadulterated lovability. The great thing about this fireplace is that it doesn’t loop; the cat and dog wander in out of the picture, snuggle, yawn, and then snuggle some more. Hallelujah, indeed!


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