26 Major Changes Once Upon A Deadpool Makes To Deadpool 2

The latest version of Deadpool 2 has arrived–the third cut we’ve seen of the movie yet. Once Upon a Deadpool has been edited into a PG-13 film and includes a bunch of new footage, along with alternate takes and lines, plus segments of the original Deadpool 2 that have been simply dropped because they’re too graphic.

Given that we’ve already delved into the differences between the theatrical cut and the Super Duper Extended Edition, it only seemed right to dig through Once Upon a Deadpool to figure out exactly what was changed. If you’ve seen trailers for the new cut, you already know about one of the biggest differences.

Once more, Ryan Reynolds dawned his signature Deadpool suit to film some new scenes for the film, this time in a plot where he kidnaps The Princess Bride star Fred Savage to tell him the sanitized story of Deadpool 2. Well, sanitized by Deadpool standards, anyway.

Take a look at the major differences we found between Deadpool 2 and Once Upon a Deadpool. Then go ahead and sound off in the comments with any other chances you might have noticed when you watched Deadpool 2 yet again. Honestly, at this point, we’ve probably all seen this movie too many times to count, based solely on how many times it’s been altered and released. And if you’ve somehow never seen any of the three versions of Deadpool 2, spoilers are coming!

1. Princess Bride intro

Right from the beginning, Once Upon a Deadpool is very different as it opens on a shot of the recreated bedroom Fred Savage’s character has in The Princess Bride.

2. Fred Savage has been kidnapped

It doesn’t end there, as the biggest new character in Once Upon a Deadpool is none other than Fred Savage, who has been kidnapped and trapped in this bedroom by Deadpool.

3. The King James Edition

Clearly, this version of Deadpool 2 has been edited for content. According to the book Deadpool is telling the story from, this is technically the King James Edition of the sequel.

4. The bar full of villains has been cut

Naturally, there was going to be some heavy editing due to the insane violence throughout the movie. Thus, one of the first scenes removed entirely is the one that sees the merc with a mouth killing lots of people in a bar.

5. The Sicilian funeral massacre is gone

Also gone is the killing Deadpool did at the funeral in Sicily.

6. The Tokyo bathhouse scene has also been removed

Continuing the trend of killing off the killing, the Tokyo bathhouse scene was entirely removed from Once Upon a Deadpool.

7. And the strip club scene has been cut

The last huge cut is the removal of the strip club scene that sees Deadpool working the pole before doing some killing.

8. Where’s the blood?

In this version, when Deadpool goes on his rampage toward the man who will eventually kill Vanessa, all of the blood has been removed. Instead, it looks a lot like everyone is getting killed with Nerf weapons. They get hit and just fall down. Honestly, it’s pretty funny.

9. The cursing has disappeared

One of the funniest things about the Deadpool movies is the insanely creative cursing the characters use. We’ll never forget the time Juggernaut let us know, “‘Let’s Fuck Some Shit Up’ is my legal middle name.” In a PG-13 movie, though, that’s not allowed. Well, most of it anyway…

10. Once word can be said a lot, though

Much like certain cable networks, PG-13 films allow for one particular word is able to be said as much as humanly possible. Honestly, try to count the number of times someone says “s***” in Once Upon a Deadpool.

11. Pegging isn’t PG-13

If foul language isn’t allowed in a PG-13 version of Deadpool 2, jokes about pegging were certainly not going to make the cut. Sorry, Wade, no super babies for you.

12. Fred Savage calls out the movie for fridging Vanessa

Bless Fred Savage for addressing the biggest issue with Deadpool 2, that it kills off the main character’s girlfriend simply to serve his story. It’s good to see that the writers of the film finally understand their major misstep.

13. The opening credits sequence is gone

Poor Celine Dion doesn’t get the respect she deserves in Once Upon a Deadpool, as her theme song for the movie–and the entire opening credits sequence– was dropped from the new version.

14. The cocaine in Big Al’s house is not labeled “Booger Sugar”

Is cocaine PG-13? Probably not, which is why it’s relabeled “blood sugar” in the new cut.

15. Deadpool’s suicide attempts from the extended cut are included

The footage from the extended cut of Deadpool 2 is put to good use here, showing some alternate ways Deadpool tried to kill himself before blowing himself up.

16. In fact, lots of alternate takes and lines from the extended edition are used

The suicide attempts aren’t the only extended footage used. Alternate lines and takes appear throughout the movie, which is a treat for those who haven’t already picked up Deadpool 2 on Blu-ray.

17. The ADR is very noticeable

It’s clear that Once Upon a Deadpool just dubbed in new words over several instances of cursing. However, we can easily see these characters are repeatedly saying the word “f***.”

18. Fred Savage is a Cable Superfan

This cut definitely includes a better introduction of Cable. As it turns out, Fred Savage is a superfan of the character and rattles off his comic book history.

19. The X-Force deaths are far less graphic and bloody

The deaths of most of the X-Force were super gory and disgusting. Thanks to some clever editing and quick cuts, though, most of the more disturbing aspects of this skydiving sequence have been removed.

20. Fred Savage freaks out over Brad Pitt being in the movie

We all freaked out when it was revealed that the Vanisher was actually Brad Pitt with special invisibility powers. Clearly, in Once Upon a Deadpool, Fred Savage is all of us.

21. Fred Savage goes on a long rant about wanting to fight Matt Damon

Also, Fred Savage is clearly all of us when it comes to Matt Damon. In one scene, he makes it clear he’s always wanted to fight Matt Damon just to see what would happen. Deadpool, always looking to make a joke, censors the word fight so it sounds as if he definitely wants to f*** Matt Damon.

22. Fred Savage doesn’t understand Deadpool’s powers

When Juggernaut rips Deadpool in half, Fred Savage actually asks some very important questions. What happens to his old legs when he grows a new pair? Do they sprout a new torso? Are there two Deadpools now? Inquiring minds want to know!

23. The leg cross of baby legs Deadpool is pixelated

Shockingly, the shot of Deadpool’s junk as he’s growing back his lower half if pixelated. Of course, you can’t show a penis–CGI or not–in a PG-13 movie.

24. The end of the movie makes Fred Savage cry

The emotional climax of Deadpool 2 is really strong. Wade Wilson realizes his family is this group of murdering heroes and the bloodthirsty cab driver he hands out with. Cable gives up his one chance to go home to he can save Deadpool. Russell accepts that he doesn’t have to become a supervillain. It’s a lot to handle, so seeing Fred Savage cry over the beauty of it makes sense.

25. Fred Savage is free at last

We also get some new post-credits material in the form of Deadpool finally freeing Fred Savage from his confinement. Of course, that’s when he finds out he’s not wearing pants and has been strapped to the bed for three days, leaving him without feeling in his legs.

26. Stan Lee post tribute

After the post-credits comes a legitimately sweet moment. As a tribute to the late Stan Lee, outtakes from his cameo shoot for the No Good Deed short are shown, along with a piece of an interview he did at one point. When asked what he hopes people say about him when he’s gone, Lee simply says, “He wrote some good stories.”


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