5 Cat-Themed Ugly Christmas Sweaters To Wear For The Holidays

Woman skating with ugly cat sweater

Whether you think they’re good fun or corny, there’s no denying that ugly Christmas sweaters have become a standard part of the modern holiday season.

As a cat lover, you’re very much in luck! Check out these five feline-themed ugly holiday sweaters that you can order in time for your next Christmas party.

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(Bonus: Don’t forget to order your cat Christmas cards!)

1. A Meowee Christmas

A meowee Christmas holiday sweater

Let’s start with something that veers towards the tasteful side. Here we’ve got a bunch of chunky knit cats, some fish bones, Christmas trees, and the punny slogan, “Meowee Christmas.” For good measure, this sweater is available in six different colors to please your sartorial whims.

Buy it on Amazon!

2. Cat Wrapped Up In Lights

Cat holiday lights sweater

We’ve got a classic Christmas scene up next, with a curious kitten who’s gotten in a mixed up mess after meddling with some holiday lights. To keep things classy, this sweater also comes with four flashing LED lights.

Buy it on Amazon!

3. Merry Mixtapes Cat Ugly Christmas Sweater

Cat mixtape sweater

Here’s an ugly sweater for the music loving feline fanatic in your life. Scattered around a cat sporting ’80s-style retro sunglasses are a number of cassette mixtapes, plus some floppy discs for extra old school kicks.

Buy it on Amazon!

4. 3D Print Cat Hoodie

Cat Christmas tree hoodie

Now we’re beginning to head into the more bizarre side of ugly cat-themed Christmas sweaters. This one showcases a white cat who seems to be wearing a lavish wig that also acts as a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments. The pink bauble dangling down at the bottom of the tree appears to have made the feline star a little cross-eyed.

Buy it on Amazon!

5. Psychedelic Space Surfing Cat

Cat flying through space on pizza

Genius comes in many forms, and sometimes it looks like a Domestic Shorthair in a Santa hat cruising through the cosmos on a pizza that’s been decked out with Christmas decorations.

Buy it on Amazon!

Did you pick up a great ugly sweater to wear to this year’s holiday parties? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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