Cat Vs Snow: 5 Hilarious Winter Cat Videos

Cat playing with snowball. cats vs snow.

Winter is here, which means it’s time to holler the ancient cry of, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”

When those snowflakes come cascading down, cats also like to get in on the frosty fun and games. Although, as you’ll see with these five videos of cats interacting with the snow, it’s not always smooth sailing when it comes to felines and the winter weather.

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1. Love The Snow


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Some cats instantly love snow. Take this plucky character above, who moves through the snowy fields as if he’s swimming. Such grace!

2. Respect The Snow


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Snow can be beautiful, but for an inquisitive feline, snow can also cause a fright. Watch how this curious cat’s investigation into the world of snow is brought to a quick end by a batch of cold, wet, falling white stuff.

3. Gotta Catch A Snowball


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See that very small ball of snow laying there among all the other snow? Yep, that’s definitely something to pounce on!

4. Catch A Snowflake


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Everyone remembers their first indoor cat’s reaction to seeing snow, and it usually goes along the lines of frantically attempting to catch and attack the snowflakes as they drift down outside the glass window pane. Persistence is key!

5. Embrace The Snow!


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Finally, if you’re a dignified Maine Coon and blessed with a super warm coat, feel free to simply settle down in a nice plush patch of snow and watch the world go by.

Does your own cat go crazy in the snow? Tell us about it the comments below!

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