Getting the Most Out of Your Email Event Marketing Plan

Getting the Most Out of Your Email Event Marketing Plan

Email marketing is most effective when marketers assign a goal to each message they send. Getting people to register for an upcoming event is one example. That said, simply sending an email and asking readers to attend isn’t enough to guarantee a strong return on investment.

Event marketers also have to follow email best practices, like verifying email addresses, sending relevant messages, and tracking key performance metrics. To make sure you get the most registrations for your money, keep these tips in mind.


Segment the Campaign

Segmenting your subscriber list into various groups has been shown to boost open rates.

This tactic is especially important when you’re promoting an event. Odds are good that not all of your subscribers can realistically attend. Many may simply live too far away. Don’t waste your money sending emails to people who are never going to register for the event. Instead, focus on engaging those who can.


Keep it (Visually) Simple

Did you know that most people now check email on mobile devices rather than on computers? That means you want to make sure the visual design makes it easy to digest the content on a smartphone.

Break up chunks of text, use headers to make the content scannable, and don’t overwhelm a reader with excessive photos, gifs, or videos. You want to brand your content with appropriate imagery, but you don’t want to make the email look overstuffed. Check how it looks on mobile devices before sending it.


Target Your Niche

If the event you’re promoting is geared towards a niche audience, whether it be people who share an interest, job, or belief, use language that proves you know your audience. Using industry terms or inside jokes your ideal recipient will understand is an easy way to appeal to them.


Optimize Your Subject Line

Nearly half of internet users decide whether to open an email based on the subject line alone. Obviously, this is an important part of your message.

Start by individualizing it with the recipient’s name. Personalizing the subject line of an email boosts open rates by 50%.

You also want to make sure the recipient knows what you’re promoting right away. Use language that makes it clear you’re sharing information about an event. Phrases like, “Register Now!” tend to work because they include action words that tell recipients exactly what you’re asking them to do.


Showcase the Benefits

Once a reader has opened your email, you need to make it clear why it’s worth their time to attend your event. Highlight key speakers who will be presenting or artists who will be performing. If the event is a regular occurrence, include testimonials from previous attendees. Let readers know what kind of information or experiences the event will offer.

Luckily, when you promote an event through email, you can be confident you’re reaching people who will likely want to attend it. Your subscribers are already interested enough in your brand to sign up for your email newsletter. That’s why chances are they’ll also be interested in an event that reflects your brand. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be much more likely to get people to attend.

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