Master of Rogues – The Seven Artifacts

Master of Rogues - The Seven Artifacts
Here is my giveaway for Master of Rogues - The Seven Artifacts. These Keys are for the Android Version in Google Play Store. The Game is also available for Windows and Linux. You can find it on Steam or Master of Rogues – The Seven Artifacts is a Dungeon-Crawler, Rougelike-like RPG. Every Game is different, with randomized Levels, enemies, three different characters and over 130 Unique Items to find. Can you find all the seven artifacts ? Game Features: generates every time you play an unique labyrinth full of items and monsters
four different acts and level layouts
masses of monsters
rougelike style game
permadeath or softcore mode
three different character classes – the orc, the undead and the human.
help whitebeard to find the seven magic artifacts of power Source

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