‘Rakuga Fantasy’ Mixes Dungeon Crawling & ‘Warioware’

Poking around for loot and hitting monsters is all well and good, but what if you played silly minigames with the creatures instead?

Rakuga Fantasy is a dungeon crawler that takes elements from Warioware to make combat a little bit more fun than just hitting innocent monstrosities.

Players are dropped inside a confounding maze, left to figure out exactly how to gain fabulous wealth through stealing it from the locals. Hostile chicken strip baskets and other pea green foes don’t exactly appreciate you coming to take their things as you move through the maze-like halls (although the game does map them for you), so expect some resistance.

In Rakuga Fantasy, you’re not just trading blows with the creatures you find. Instead, you’ll play minigames where you need to serve the right food order, kick over a bucket filled with rocks, or knock that nasty health food away in favor of some chicken nuggets. Your reflexes will be tested, as these minigames have tight time limits, and you can only take a handful of hits before your adventure is done. However, it’s hard to resist coming back to fight more Cola Bears and other goofball foes, or to try out the silly minigames they have in store for you.

Rakuga Fantasy is available for free on Itch.io.

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